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Business Transport Service

Need transportation to a business meeting? We transport Business passengers to and from all areas of the Netherlands on a daily basis, using our Business Transport Service. We are also able to transport passengers outside of the Netherlands. Countries like Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland are a few examples of where we regularly transport our customers. We provide corporate transportation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to every destination. Many companies and (semi-)governmental institutions have made use of our service (see the reference page on our website).

Make use of your travelling time more efficiently

During your journey, you can focus your attention on other matters than the busy traffic. You can peacefully go through your documents, conduct telephone conversations or relax with our business transport services.

Professionals for professionals

OranjeTaxi’s friendly and professional drivers ensure a pleasant journey, entirely adapted to your personal preferences.

Broad choice thanks to our diverse corporate transport fleet

  • Luxurious cars for a maximum of four passengers.
  • Luxury minivan (Mercedes Viano) for a maximum of seven passengers.
  • Touring car for a maximum of 35+1 passengers.
  • Luxury mini touring car for a maximum of 16 passengers.

Everything is possible to make sure that you (and your company) arrive at your destination in the safest, most comfortable and most environmentally friendly manner.


Maximaal 4 personen Maximaal 8 personen
€ 45 per uur tot 150 km* € 55 per uur tot 150 km*
€ 55 per uur tot 350 km* € 65 per uur tot 350 km*


Maximaal 16 personen Maximaal 36 personen
€ 30 per uur tot 150 km* € 25 per uur tot 150 km*
€ 37 per uur tot 350 km* € 34 per uur tot 350 km*

Depending on your requirements we can supply cars with chauffeurs with an interesting all-in hourly rate. Payment by cash and an invoice are both possible..

Telefoon: +31 20 341 85 94

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