Spoed Koeriers Service 7/ 24 Oranje Taxi

Urgent Courier Service 24/7


We transport your packages (up to 300 kilograms) on the basis of the travelled distance with the package and the journey back. For inner-city journeys, we only charge a single journey.

Courier Service

  • Transporting small and large packages through all of Europe
  • Your package is transported by qualified drivers
  • Both national and international courier services, through various countries in Europe
  • The option of choosing the time of delivery yourself



    1. We will arrive at the desired pick-up location within 20 minutes.
    2. Payment options are cash, pin, credit card or on account.
    3. You can trust the drivers of Top Koeriers like you trust your own people. Your shipment is picked up and delivered by the same reliable driver and never handed over to third parties.
    4. Urgent deliveries are not bound by office hours. In the 24-hour economy, an urgent courier who is always at the ready is an absolute must.



Urgent Courier Service 24/7

  • Amsterdam Courier Service
  • National Courier Service
  • Internationaal Courier Service
  • Europa Courier Service



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