Luxury Taxi Service

Luxury Taxi Service

With the luxury taxi service, you can enjoy luxurious, comfortable and pleasant transportation. You can make use of the Amsterdam Luxury Taxi Service by OranjeTaxi at sharp rates.

Luxury cars for luxury (VIP) transport

As a VIP, you want to travel comfortably, in a pleasant and clean environment with all forms of luxury at your disposal. OranjeTaxi provides this service with its Luxury Taxi Service. The drivers are friendly, representative and professional, and will ensure that you do not lack a thing. All your personal desires and preferences are considered.

The cars are not just taxis. You really do step into a luxury car. For luxury transportation, we have a variety of luxurious cars available, such as cars in the BMW 7-series, an Audi A6-A8 or a Mercedes from the S-class. Naturally, we are open to discuss your specific preferences with you in advance, so that we are optimally positioned to adapt your luxury transportation to your expectations.

OranjeTaxi luxury service rates.

Max. 4 pers Max 8 pers
€ 60 per uur tot 150 km * € 65 per uur tot 150 km *
€ 70 per uur tot 300 km * € 75 p/uur tot 300 km *
€ 75 per uur tot 400 km * € 80 p/uur tot 400 km *
  • Reservations must be for a minimum of three hours (otherwise the metre prices apply).
  • Reservations must be made a minimum of twelve hours in advance.
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