Bob Take-Home Service

Bob Take-Home Service

Had one drink too many and afraid you might get checked for alcohol consumption? Don’t take a risk and allow yourself to be taken home in your own car by one of OranjeTaxi’s drivers.

Alcohol checks

The police are increasingly conducting alcohol checks. If you are stopped during an alcohol check, you are obliged to cooperate with the officer. The police will conduct a breathalyser test. If you’ve had too much to drink, the police can give you a fine or retract your driver’s licence.


OranjeTaxi will gladly take you home with the Bob Take-Home Service. Are you going to a restaurant, drink or party in the near future? Call us at OranjeTaxi to reserve a taxi. The driver will be dropped off at the desired location by a colleague within 30 minutes. The driver will take you to your desired destination in your own car with the Bob Take-Home Service. Reserving is not strictly necessary, but is preferential.

Telefoon: +31 20 341 85 94

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